South Tynesides first dedicated Yoga Studio

South Tynesides first dedicated Yoga Studio

South Tynesides first dedicated Yoga StudioSouth Tynesides first dedicated Yoga Studio

Meet the team

Dionne Myers


Owner of L2Y.  Dionne is passionate about yoga and the benefits it has on the mind and body, So much so that her aim for this studio is to make yoga accessible to everyone.  Dionne's yoga journey started over 17 years ago.  When she attended her first yoga class at Temple Park.  After her teacher left the area she struggled to find a yoga teacher and style that suited her.  Eventually she embarked on her first teacher training  initially just to learn more about yoga with no plans to start teaching.  But finally after teaching her first class five years ago, it opened so many doors, meet so many people, every expanding yoga community; it has led her to opening her own studio an living her dream job, teaching yoga for a living! 

Dionne is constantly expanding her yoga knowledge (always saving for her next course and workshop) which has developed her teaching style. Dionne teaches  a range of classes from Gentle Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasana, Ashtanga, , Pregnancy  and Postnatal yoga, Chair yoga,  Mediation.  Dionne specialises in Yoga for women after training with renowned teacher Uma -Tuli Dilsmore  on women's health and womb connection yoga, she is a keen advocate that yoga can  support women throughout there changing cycles. Dionne also holds Monthly Women's circle's -Last Friday of every month. 

 Dionne's  personal yoga  practice and love/obsession is Ashtanga Yoga.  Supported by senior teacher Dan Burt from House of Ashtanga.  She has recently studied with Peg Mcqueen of the Ashtanga Dispatch and  is looking forward to training with her again in 2020

Dionne loves to create a friendly flowing yoga class suitable for all.  Dionne strongly believes that  a regular yoga practice heals the body and the mind and can aid recovery, physical and emotional, from the curve balls life throws at us.

 As a yoga teacher there’s nothing Dionne loves more than seeing the benefits yoga can bring to people, regardless of their ability, age and circumstances." Please come along, take a deep breath, say hello and give my class a try. Namaste x "

Satwant Kaur


Experienced Iyengar teacher, Sat's yoga journey started over twenty years ago, and  has been teaching for over ten years.  Sat loves her yoga journey and interacting with different people. Sat  specialises in Iyengar Yoga, which is great for the mind body soul.

The pace of the classes tend to move at a slower pace than some types of Yoga,In Iyengar props are used to improve the postures but you'll find that you will still have to work hard.

What you will expect when you come to Sat's classes: 

Bringing focus and awareness to the present, alignment, posture and breathing (Pranayama).  This is followed by gentle warm up postures, standing leg stretches, seated stretches and twists, backbends forward bend and inversions.  All classes end with relaxation (Savasana) and breathing (Pranayama).  Sat is also qualifies to teach students throughout their pregnancy.  Sat's classes are known to be a place for you to enjoy some friendly laughs an jokes.  

Sat " One thing I can promise is that my Yoga classes are like no other! Come and experience it for yourself, Namaste "

Carla Craig


Carla has been teaching Hatha Yoga, for over fours years.  During her classes she breaks the session down into three segments; Relaxing warm up, Yoga asana , then  into a relaxing cool down and meditation. 

  Carla  classes are for everyone, from beginners to experts, as I can show a range of movements for all abilities, allowing you to feel comfortable and apart of the whole class.

I have been practising Hatha Yoga for over 10 years and teaching for over 4 years, I love to teach Hatha Yoga, as it is accessible to all and it allows you to relax during the yoga movements and exercise. Hatha Yoga is designed to align and calm your mind, body and spirit, using most yoga postures and salutations and breathing exercises and relaxation.


Ciaran Hourhian

 "Having done a degree a Philosophy and Politics at university, I believed that problems should be solved through intense debate and thinking. Since then, through yoga, I have discovered another way; one that is joyful, vibrant, healthy, inclusive and quite frankly more fun.

When I first got into yoga, I was working full-time as a Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer, and my days were filled with experimenting with different training techniques.
I can remember very distinctly the first time I practised yoga;  the profound relief I experienced in my body and mind will stay with me forever.  Since then I have continued to come back to yoga at every opportunity, and was excited to train as a yoga teacher so that I can share the amazing benefits of this practice with others.  

Many people find that when doing yoga, they may have very deep personal experiences. This can range from simply re-discovering their inner calm mental state, or even the transcendental. I offer a judgement-free class where you yourself can experience these positives changes in your body and mind with your own understanding and interpretation and I am here to offer guidance and assistance. Yoga has helped massively transform my life for the better and know it can help you also"



Dani Jackson

 Dani Jackson is a certified holistic nutrition coach, yoga teacher, life coach, published author, personal trainer, motivational speaker, Gut health specialist and ex school teacher.   She has been practising yoga since a young age but it wasn’t consistent as yoga just wasn’t as ‘big’ as it is today.   Dani then moved to Dubai in 2008 as a personal trainer where her eyes were opened to the huge yoga scene they have over there. She fell in love with vinyasa yoga and decided in 2015 she would get qualified.   Dani is on a mission to help people with modern illnesses today such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, obesity, cancer, skin problems at the age of 18 she was diagnosed with the autoimmune, Graves Disease. The treatment she had, radioactive iodine destroyed her body and left her having to rebuild herself back to health and wellness. However, it was a massive struggle as she didn’t know what to do. This is when her journey into holistic wellness began.   Dani has taught gut seminars and yoga courses all over Dubai and is now in the U.K sharing her love for all things on holistic health.   Her book Beauty and THE GUT was published in October 2018 to motivate and inspire people to live healthier lives. Yoga included.   Dani quotes, “Without yoga in my life I wouldn’t be who I am now. I don’t just practise yoga for flexibility, I do it because it has helped my body heal. It has given me confidence and courage to go for dreams and fight for what I believe in. It has been a gift to me when I have struggled in those hard times of life. Yoga has changed not only how my body looks but it has helped my mind and soul too. I love yoga so much and I wish everyone could experience just how amazing it makes you feel”.


Michaela Stewart

" Hi I'm Michaela  I've had a long long love affair with Yoga and like all of life's relationships there are moments of frustrations and lots of joy. I first started at a little community class with my mam. We kept going because the teacher was very knowledgeable and VERY handsome ~ am I allowed to say that? We found it all so intriguing, there was a never ending supply of poses, breathing exercises and seemingly reasons to focus on your 3rd eye. It was like a magical Pandora,s box.

When I moved to London for Uni I started practising with my housemates and we did a class together every Saturday morning, mainly to keep fit and because we didn't ever see what Sunday mornings actually looked like. I found it really difficult because it was quite a dynamic class and I wasn't very strong, but kept practising Yoga throughout my studies because my housemates were so keen and it always feels a lot easier to go with friends. Eventually we struck up a friendship with the lovely Aussie teacher, she gave us lots of tips and wonderful head rubs to make up for all the planks. 

But I only really fell in love once I'd finished Uni and started practising more regularly. I had no idea what I wanted to do for 'a career' or how to be 'a grown up' I wasn't happy in my job at the time or in my relationship but I was happy visiting my old friend Yoga. Something familiar, something comforting and challenging all at the same time.
I decided to do my Yoga teacher training in 2013 and have been lucky enough to teach my colleagues every week from then on, in my 'proper job', for the last 5 years, both in London and in Sydney.

Last year I set up my own business and now teach Yoga & Mindfulness pretty much full time. I’ve been teaching mindfulness for about a year now after practising for many and love the benefits it’s had on my life and the others I’ve taught. I’m lucky enough to be continuing my training with one of the leading mindfulness teachers in Europe Patrizia Collard.
I love meeting new people in my classes and love helping to restore a sense of calm and clarity. Yoga teaches us that mostly it's all going to okay and that everything changes, even plank's doesn't last forever. "

Michaela, will be teaching an introduction to Mindfulness workshop in October.


Lisa Frances Bambury

Hi my name is Lisa Bambury, my love and passion are yoga and everything yoga! I qualified in Hatha Yoga 500 hours through Yoga Professionals at the end of 2016, this has a strong emphasis on anatomy and yoga philosophy. I am also Teen Yoga qualified and have continuous professional development in yoga for mental health.

It was in 2004 when yoga found ‘me’, whilst I was travelling alone at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, looking for life’s answers. I fell in love with India and yoga and have continued to follow this path. Being a lone parent with limited support networks I had to make some difficult decisions and this also led me to change my life and career from a social work background to delivering yoga within our local community. More recently, I am completing a Master’s in Public Health and shall be qualified very soon.

Essentially, this involves working towards evidenced-based health improvement interventions for patients and whole populations. Being an academic I have extensive knowledge in yoga research. My own research is related to ‘the barriers and facilitators of yoga within mainstream health-care’. I believe yoga has great potential in the prevention of long-term health conditions and can be utilised as a tool for life; as it has taught me. 

I am also one of the few if not only qualified yoga4health practitioners in our region. If you are male or female, needing to improve general health, heart health, increase mental well-being and like an educational but slow pace. Then come and join me on this journey of pyscho- introductions to mind-body awareness, simple yoga postures, and deeper breathing practices with emphasis on relaxation. In time you may well join the other types of faster paced and more dynamic classes that Love2Yoga have available.

Much Love, Lisa



Jill Glozier

 Satnam, my name is Jill and I have been teaching Kundalini Yoga for a year and a half now. I spent many years exploring the world of yoga, trying many different styles and loving them all - however I didn’t get the call to teach until I tried Kundalini Yoga. What was it about this style of yoga that drew me in? The Breath work that focused my mind, bringing back to my centre, the Movements that were sometimes unusual, often challenging but always created space and change within my physiology, and especially the Mantras. Mantras that opened my heart.  Mantras that elevated my consciousness and brought a sense of Oneness.  What I love about Kundalini Yoga is the perfect balance between Movement, Breath and Mantra. Every session is unique and we work on a different aspect of the Self such as the glandular system, or balancing the Chakras and bringing awareness to the energetic body.   Many people find meditation difficult because they drift off or fall asleep, I was one of these people! KY provides the energy and the focus to create an elevated state.   I have always had a passion for music and singing and so I have developed a special interest in Sound Vibration and Mantra to experience and realise the infinite. I can honestly say that I have found mantra to be the most transformative tool we have. All that is required is an open mind to try it and a willingness to use your voice. My fascination with Sound and it’s healing capacity led me to learn Gong and I am currently studying Sound Healing working with Voice, Drums and Sing Bowls.